kaly clothing accessories and gifts boutique owners Polly Zobel and Holly BrownKaly’s Past

Kaly has enjoyed 25 years of success as a women’s clothing, gift and accessories boutique in beautiful downtown West Chester, PA. The story begins back in 1988. That’s when Holly Brown had the wonderful idea of opening a women’s clothing boutique. Where better than in the historic downtown? After combining her daughters names “Katie” and “Polly” she came up with the perfect name: KALY. The name stuck.

Ever since opening nearly 30 years ago, the staff and ownership of Kaly have prided themselves on providing fashionable clothing and accessories to a broad spectrum of women. Over the years the selection has grown to include an exciting collection of unique gifts, as well as organic baby items.

Our Present

Holly has now transitioned out of her role as owner and handed over the reigns to her daughter Polly. Holly will be working in the store one day a week and will continue to serve as a consultant. The boutique continues to focus on beautiful, hand-made and fair trade items from producers who focus on making the world a better place.

Polly’s fashion career began when KALY first opened in 1998. She worked for eight years as the manager of KALY in all three of it’s locations. In 2000, after obtaining a B.S. in Biology, she went into the pharmaceutical business. Polly worked for the past 15 years as a clinical research scientist and project manager. He main focus was in the Respiratory and Oncology fields of research. These management and customer service skills will be put to good use at KALY.

The Boutique’s Future

Polly continues to expand her creative side by focusing on the great design and fabulous products. Her future plans for KALY include some key changes like remodeling the interior, computerizing the inventory and updating the social media, but she plans to keep the core feel and style the same. She is very appreciative of the loyal KALY customers and hopes that they continue to love shopping at the store.