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How to park in downtown West Chester PA during construction (or anytime for that matter)!

"Welcome to West Chester, here is your parking ticket." Unfortunately, this is a familiar joke in downtown West Chester PA and has been for many years (We even have a tile/coaster that says it:). The parking situation has only gotten worse this year due to the Gay Street Aqua construction project (estimated completion end of March 2019) and the 44 West Plaza construction on the corner of Gay and High (estimated completion end of 2019). Let us help you to find the best parking solutions!

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Gift Guide for Moms and Grandmoms

Why are our mothers, mothers-in-law and grandmothers so hard to buy for sometimes? From my experience as a daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughter and store owner, I would say its because they really do not want alot. They have you and your children and their children, ect, ect... They only want gifts from the heart so let us help you to pick some great items that they will cherish and of course, think of you when they see them and use them. 

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Gift Guide for Tweens, Teens and Beyond!

Can you keep up with what is cool with teens these days? I definitely cannot, so I have enlisted my own teen to help me source the best KALY products that Teens and Tweens will love. From Instagram trends to different categories for your type of teen, we will help you to figure it all out and pick the best gifts.

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Holly Brown on 'Being Grateful'

Holly Brown, previous owner of KALY, is currently writing a monthly blog post called the 'KALY Local News' for her daughter, Polly Zobel, new owner of KALY. Holly spent 25 years establishing KALY as a great local boutique and building a wonderful community of Kaly friends. She was also past president of West Chester's Borough Council and past president of West Chester BID (Business Improvement District), . She currently sits on the BID board as well as serving as the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center Vice President, www.uptownwestchesterorg. She will be sharing all her past knowledge and current information regarding West Chester Happenings plus happenings in her own personal life.

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