Pirouette Silver Necklace

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This Mini Pirouette Necklace has a small cube shape on a 30" plated silver chain. 

Cool and Funky

To extend the life of your precious new purchase here's a few tips and tricks:

Our jewelry is made of brass, which will naturally darken/patina over time. We like both ways, but if you want to bring it back to it’s shiniest self you can polish it with a silver cloth or polishing pad. Don’t be puttin’ any chemicals on it.

To keep it from darkening, avoid things like wearing it while skinny dipping in the lake, rubbing it down with lotion or sweating all over it at the gym. If you do one or all of these things see above tip for how to deal.




Small cube shape on a short plated silver chain. The necklace is 18 inches long with a clasp.

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