Artisan Truffles

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Inspired by Maria's search for the world's best sweets, Sugarpova was designed to allow yourself a much-deserved piece of indulgence. Guilt-free, of course! Chocolates packed with antioxidants. Gummies and truffles - all made with real fruit flavors and vegetable extracts, no artificial flavoring. We're all about working hard and treating yourself.

All chocolate are made with natural ingredients for an indulgence you can feel good about that doesn’t compromise on taste.

4.0 Oz Bag

Made with Natural Ingredients NON GMO Kosher

Made in United States of America


White Chocolate/cookies & cream truffles

Dark Chocolate / café mocha truffles 

Dark Chocolate/Sea Salt Carmel Truffles

Dark Chocolate/Raspberry Truffles

Milk Chocolate/Hazelnut Truffles

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