Shortstack Recipe Book

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The Shortstack Recipe Book comes in two editions, Strawberry and Chocolate, both wonderful Valentine's Day gifts. Enjoy this little gift to sweeten up your day!

Strawberry: From its ruby-red color to its sun-ripened sweetness, the strawberry is a dramatic fruit. This edition will put the show-stopping berry through its paces, in both savory and sweet applications.

Chocolate:  Whether it’s in the form of an elaborate dessert or a tiny square nibbled from a bar, chocolate elicits smiles and feels like a luxury. But it’s a luxury that’s also universal. Susie Heller's ode to chocolate improves on the touchstones that chocolate fans know and love (killer caramel brownies and the only chocolate layer cake recipe you'll ever need), while still finding room to explore new ideas. This edition is must for every sweets lover.

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