Himalayan Trading Post

The Himalayan Story
In designing our candle collections, Himalayan Trading takes much of its inspiration from the unexpected, the vintage, or the distressed textures of bygone times. Our fragrances are complex and layered, uniquely designed to evoke a specific time and place, that trigger memories and nostalgia. Our vessels are created with an eye for both beauty and reuse.
Our candles are hand-made in small batches with meticulous attention to details and packaged at our studio in Georgia. We offer a competitively paid, pleasant and flexible working environment to our candle makers, packers and shipping staff. We source our containers directly by partnering with small scale manufacturers from all over the world. We only work with factories that have transparent and fair working conditions for their staff.
Every candle is beautifully fragranced and is hand poured using artisan techniques with a natural soy wax blend made in America and high quality essential and fragrance oil compounds. By following the burning instructions, our candles will burn exceptionally well, giving a clean even burn with minimal soot, leaving little to no residue, while delivering our signature fragrance notes and strong throw.
The company was started in 2004 as a home-based business, by pouring wax into wooden containers bought from India and selling them at local antique shows and craft fairs. The company grew from there as it found its niche, with special fragrance combinations and distinctive containers creating high quality artisan candles. We continue to develop timeless fragrance combinations that will transcend current fashion and to create interesting and unique vessels.
Himalayan Trading has created a variety of candle collections, all with their own distinctive look and coordinating fragrances, inspired by a time and place, a memory, or a recollection of home. The vessel and fragrance together will tell a story of aroma, aesthetic beauty, functionality and reuse.  And our candle making kits have been developed for the purpose of reusing our vessels time and time again.