Little Journeys

Our products are designed by us and manufactured in of Peru. We operate a women’s cooperative, employing women with limited opportunities. Our mission is to provide a job and a source of income for these rural women so that they can maintain their families. In most cases, the mother or father or both leave the village and has to travel far to a city to seek jobs as a domestic or as a laborer resulting in many children growing up without one or both parents. We are proud and feel privileged to provide such opportunities for these talented women so that they may keep their families intact.

These days our collaborations include people in Peru, Bolivia, and India, our latest immersion. Many languages, history, and people are found in our continuing collections, all dreamt up from Chicago. Our best ever again.

From lightweight cotton tops to fabulous crocheted scarves. Frazadas for the floor and ikat bedcovers for summer nights.